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You are in the heart of the Giant Mountains and it would be a shame not to discover the stunning nature. Not to mention that the air here is the cleanest in the entire country.

Hiking trips are the most fascinating - we will lend you a picnic basket (full, of course) or you can order a backpack with refreshments.

To Sněžka and back - Giant Mountains

To Sněžka and back

You can either take the direct trail via Giant Mine (7 km) or walk twice as far via Výrovka and Luční bouda hut.

Giant Mine and Mlue Mine - Pec pod Sněžkou hotel Horizont

Giant Mine and Blue Mine

Giant Mine is a majestic mountain valley right beneath Sněžka. And the magical Blue Mine is a quiet location beneath the Luční Mountain massif.

Walks around Pec - hotel Horizont

Walks around Pec

An easy trail full of stunning views from forest paths: just follows the signs saying “Okolo Pece”. An ideal walk with the kids.

Tips aroud Pec

Tips around Pec

  • New lookout tower in Hnědý vrch (5 km)
  • Unique ice hotel in Vlčí jáma (3 km)
  • Černohorské peat bog - largest in the Giant Mountains (5 km)
  • Historic Kovárna Mine in Giant Mine (4 km)
  • Krakonoš’s Confessional: hiking trail for children
    (3 km)
  • Walk along the creek to the Green Mine (2 km)
  • Field of Senses for children in Velká Úpa (3 km)
Tips outside of Pec

Tips outside of Pec

  • Tree Top Walk "From the roots to the treetops"
    in Janské Lázně (16 km)
  • Stachelberg artillery fortress from 1938 (24 km)
  • Miniature Park in Kowary, Poland (31 km)
  • Famous African Zoo in Dvůr Králové (43 km)
  • Recently reconstructed baroque Kuks Hospital
    (44 km)
  • Wild sandstone cliffs near Adršpach (45 km)
  • Fairy-tale reservoir at Forest Kingdom (45 km)
  • Grandmother’s Valley and Ratibořice Chateau
    (46 km)

Other tips for experiences

Sports ground hotel Horizont Pec pod Sněžkou

Sports grounds

At the hotel, you can play ninepins, squash, ricochet or table tennis. 200 metres away is a jungle gym and big mountain bobsled track.

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Sněžka and lifts Pec pod Sněžkou

Sněžka and lifts

There is plenty of space in the Giant Mountains, but only one is this close to Snežka. A cable car leads directly from Pec to the highest mountain of the Czech Republic.

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Swimming pool Pec pod Sněžkou, Giant Mountains

What if it rains?

No problem: enjoy free access to the hotel pool, gym or sauna. Or book a massage.

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