Sports right next to the hotel or nearby

You might not know what to choose first. We have 6 various sports facilities in the hotel alone: pool, squash and ricochet courts, table tennis, gym (including spinning) and a ninepins lane.

There is a large bobsled track just 200 metres from the hotel. From there, you can continue on to the jungle gym in a most unusual fashion: suspended on the zip line, right over the heads of tourists heading up to Sněžka!

Squash a ricochet

Squash and ricochet

In addition to one pro squash court, you can also sweat through your t-shirt on one of two ricochet courts.

Kuželky a stolní tenis

Ninepins and table tennis

When was the last time you played ping-pong? Now you have the chance. You can also test your talents on the ninepins lane.

Fitness a spinning

Fitness and spinning

You have free access to the hotel gym daily from 7:30 to 22:00. Why not try one of 8 stationary bicycles for spinning.

Bobsled track at the Relax Park

Just a short walk from the hotel, make sure to try the largest adrenaline-filled attraction in Pec pod Sněžkou. The 900 metre long mountain bobsled track. It is open even in winter.

The two-seat bobsled runs at speeds of up to 40 km/h and you will be 8 metres above the ground at some points. But don’t worry: the cart is safely attached to the track so neither you nor the cart can leave it.

Jungle gym

Opposite the bobsled track is the Monkey Park - a jungle gym where the obstacles literally let you walk above the Úpa River and local dam.

In addition to a bit of courage, the only thing you need to access the jungle gym is a height of over 140 cm. You smaller children will have fun at the kids’ version of the park: accessible from age 4 and up to 140 cm.

Other tips for experiences

Sněžka a lanovky

Sněžka and lifts

There is plenty of space in the Giant Mountains, but only one is this close to Snežka. A cable car leads directly from Pec to the highest mountain of the Czech Republic.

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Winter sports

Board the ski shuttle right in front of the hotel - and soon you’ll be skiing at the largest Czech resort, where you can ski 41 km of runs with 1 pass.

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Bazén s protiproudem

What if it rains?

No problem: enjoy free access to the hotel pool, gym or sauna. Or book a massage.

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