Enjoy a family room

To ensure peace of mind during your family vacation. We will connect two adjoining rooms - you will have privacy and your kids will have their own paradise. And both rooms feature a view of the Giant Mountain landscape.

  • Main beds: 4
  • Optional extra beds: 2
  • Shared double room

What to expect

  • Option of twin or double beds
  • Up to two additional extra beds
  • Fully equipped bathrooms with hair dryer
  • Modern shower box and WC
  • LED television with satellite
  • Telephone, safe, mini bar
  • Free WiFi connection
  • Great breakfast included

Family together
and privacy for parents

Of the 135 rooms at Horizont Hotel, we can arrange 26 of them into family rooms: simply by joining them via the connecting door.

You can enjoy both a shared family room, and privacy to rest when you children want to fool around - they will be in the adjacent room.

How much does this room cost?

The current price is available in the online booking form. Don’t like forms? Write or call us - to get a non-binding price calculation for your room.

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Double room

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want a room for themselves.

Superior room

Unforgettable view of Pec from
the upper floors of the hotel.

Hotel suite

Unforgettable view of Pec
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