Goose and wine at St. Martin's time

November traditionally belongs to goose specialities and young St. Martin's wines. What are St. Martin's wines? They are the first wines of the vintage, which according to tradition you can make a toast with on St. Martin's Day on 11 November at 11 o'clock. We will be doing the same!

Grandma's home-made chicken soup with vegetables, chicken livers and gizzards

Confit of goose breast in lard filled with sauerkraut sauteed with cream and raisins and served with barley potato mash

Potato gnocchi filled with plums, sprinkled with poppyseeds and sugar

From our wine list, we recommend

Müller Thurgau 2017 St. Martin's - Valtice Wine Cellars

Modrý portugal 2017 St. Martin's - Valtice Wine Cellars